Guide to Simple Coffee Table Styling

Unless you're an absolute revolutionary & have already ditched your coffee table, it is a staple piece of décor that we all have in our home. Do you prefer a chic, modern glass coffee table or a classic wooden coffee table? Do you go for a subtle or statement piece? The options are limitless.

Whatever you decide, it's a pivotal piece of home décor that sets the tone for your living space. We have created a guide to help you keep your coffee table simple & stylish!


Keep your coffee table display attractive without disrupting your living space. Be careful not to overcomplicate or overcrowd the table. Create an eye-catching focal point using a decorative tray to anchor & provide a base to layer on top of. 

Shop our Woven Rattan Tray to recreate your own version of our styled coffee table.


There's a Latin phrase "omne trium perfectum", which means that everything that comes in threes is perfect. Finding a balance with your coffee table styling can be difficult, but you are guaranteed to achieve harmony with symmetry! Use the middle object as a base to centre your décor.

Create an aesthetically pleasing display with our White Tapered Vase, as your base object, to add elements of texture & height.


Greenery will create a warm & inviting feel in your home. Use faux stems to create dimension & add additional height to your coffee table. Embrace the beauty of lifelike artificial plants, while enjoying their low-maintenance benefits.

Our lifelike artificial Magenta Orchid Stems boasts a vibrant pop of colour perfect for a modern living room. 


Connect your various home décor pieces (coffee table books, smaller frames, etc) through similarities in colour, style, shape, or even texture. Find the common thread between your decorative objects, no matter how subtle.

Style unique & interesting décor pieces like our Tropic Gold Pineapple Trinket Box to add depth & create further layers to your coffee table. 


All aspects of design should indulge as many of our senses as possible: vision, hearing, touch & smell. Smell, the most powerful scent, which is linked to our emotions & feelings, is often overlooked.

A well-scented room can create a certain ambience & mood. Whether it's Naartjie & Star Anise candle, or a classic Lemon Sugar & Vanilla Beans diffuser; selecting a scent that best matches your personality just became that much more important.

Browse our selection of hand-poured Candles, Diffusers & Room Sprays.

With all of these simple styling guides in mind, you've got to know the rules to successfully break them! Keep your home filled with décor pieces that reflect your personality; your home will welcome you in everyday & continue to inspire you.

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